About us

What is the story behind Blue Marble?

It’s a love story. When Danyelle and I started Blue Marble, we were newly dating and the company was focused on full strength ready-to-drink cocktails. Now we have 9 flavors of cocktails, 4 flavors of seltzer’s, gin, vodka and water along with we are now engaged to married. We had both been in medical field all of our lives servicing consumers with products. We never thought about starting a beverage company or building a factory. We simply wanted a great ready to drink cocktail to entertain our friends with. What we found was lots of sugar, watered down, artificial or simply bad tasting products. We were frustrated consumers and wanted “better for you” products and could not find them. We completely reinvented ourselves, learned the industry, did lots of data analysis, and decided we could start something spectacular. The name Blue Marble was a perfect fit for what Danyelle and I believe in. We like to work hard and play hard. You can typically find us on our boat enjoying lots of different water sports. It’s sad to see the destruction happening to our beaches and oceans through single use plastic. Blue Marble represents awareness, clean, and all-natural, just like our beverages. We were donating to charity organizations long before we were generating revenues.

Developing our beverage lines was quite the learning experience. We knew what we wanted and were involved in every aspect of every flavor – all 16! We traveled looking for the best ingredients, we hired PhDs to scale our formulations, and ultimately had to build our own factory to ensure quality and quantities. There was so much more than we expected! The travel is so insane, but we love it! As the faces of Blue Marble, we love being involved with working with our distributors, clients, and with all of the amazing people backing Blue Marble’s success!

Family values, environmental activism, and really great cocktails

Blue Marble is not your average cocktail company. We’re here to change the world while having fun doing it. We are a family business, with family values, supporting global awareness, conservation, and environmental initiatives through our “keep the blue marble blue” program. Our commitment to the environment is as strong as our commitment to bringing you the world’s best tasting cocktails.

Cleaning up our beaches

Several times a year our Blue Marble Cocktails planetary ambassadors, friends, and family go out to beaches, parks and waterways with the sole purpose of cleaning up trash. We hope we can inspire you to do the same. And don’t forget to reward yourself at the end of the day with an ice cold Blue Marble Cocktail!

We support

Blue Marble Cocktails is proud to support and give back to the Elephant Cooperation. Their mission is to save the African elephant before it is too late. The Elephant Cooperation are diligently working to protect the elephants and their habitat by feeding and educating the children. Solving poverty and hunger is essential to saving the elephants. Flying anti-poaching drones, supporting rangers, bettering schools, fighting malnutrition, rebuilding parks, and creating jobs are all key elements in achieving their mission. Another way we are helping to keep the blue marble blue and Earth’s majestic creatures safe for future generations.

Blue Carpet Events

While red carpet events are great, walking the Blue Marble blue carpet is even better. Every time someone walks the blue carpet Blue Marble Cocktails donates money towards keeping the blue marble blue. What better way to spread awareness of Blue Marble Cocktails than through the most elite events in the world.


When you have A BLUE MARBLE DAY® it’s that feeling you get when everything is going your way. The perfect day, followed by the perfect cocktail.