Building A 100 Million Dollar Business During Covid – Cover Story by TOTAL PRESTIGE MAGAZINE | Love Blue Marble

Building A 100 Million Dollar Business During Covid


New couples don’t often start new companies shortly after they begin dating, yet that is exactly what Alan Miller and Danyelle Rabine did. Not long after beginning a relationship the new couple founded Blue Marble Cocktails, a ready to drink cocktail brand. And shortly after that Miller founded Blue Marble Productions, Inc. Miller & Rabine have grown Blue Marble Productions and Blue Marble Cocktails into powerhouse companies.

The company’s prosperity should hit even greater heights in the coming years as more individuals around the globe are exposed to the great tasting cocktails available from the brand. But it isn’t just the cocktails that will see the company excel. Its manufacturing facility in Indiana provides even more financial benefits, enabling Blue Marble Cocktails to thrive in the ready to drink cocktail sector. The company produces cocktails, seltzers, vodka, and water. While making RTD cocktails and beverages is Blue Marble’s main focus, the company has branched out into canning products for some of the world’s top beverage businesses thanks to its state-of-the-art facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. The environmentally-focused company is thriving and expects even greater things in the near future.

” I never imagined that the biggest alcohol companies in the world would approach me to make their products. We started off small with 20,000 sq. feet, expanded to 32,000 sq. feet and now are in our new facility which is almost 200,000 sq. feet and we are already in the middle of expanding to 300,000 sq. feet. Companies found out just how good and complicated our drinks are and trust us to make theirs. I could not be prouder of what we have built.

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