Blue Marble team was built on accountability, innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit. We are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive, and equal environment for all. Our people are what make the Blue Marble culture great. That’s why at Blue Marble we invest in hiring great people and providing them with best-in-class training programs to equip them with the tools and skills needed to grow and reach their true potential. If your driven to perform, show ambition, and a dedicated member of the Blue Marble team you will be rewarded with unlimited career path opportunities. Blue Marble is all-encompassing, environmentally conscience and most importantly we put our employees first.

Working at Blue Marble has been extremely exciting and rewarding. The teams work hard, are dynamic, and have an innate behavior to learn and grow. These characteristics build a strong energy and passion that propels the company’s success.

Doug Wolber
Director of Quality

At Blue Marble… We do TEAMWORK we do RESPECT Punctuality and LAUGHTER. We do FRIENDSHIP, we do COFFEE and Cake. We COMMUNICATE and LISTEN We do MOTIVATION, we do GREAT THINGS.

Irisdania Lappost
Production Supervisor

There’s always opportunities to learn here and an open minded approach towards challenges and processes.

Sarah Beaty
Plant Scheduler & SAP Super User

Working at Blue Marble has been an exciting venture. I am proud of the growth of the company and happy I have been pursue an evolving career path.

Garrett Archer
Accounting Specialist

I love how blue marble taught me how to be assertive and I am grateful to be around for 5 years. I have seen the company grow and like being apart of a great team like Maria, Kat, Ben, Alan , Glen, and Danyelle. I appreciate the loyalty at Blue Marble.

Brandon Blackburn
Maintenance Planner and Scheduler

It's amazing working with the team at Blue Marble and seeing how much we grew.

George Beshay
Relief Maintenance and Automation Specialist

If you don’t see anything that fits what you are looking for, we are interested in connecting with you. Send us your resume and let’s chat. Cheers to your success with Blue Marble!