Disrupting the beverage industry | Cover story by CIO VIEWS | Love Blue Marble

Disrupting the beverage industry.

Cover Story by CIO VIEWS

It’s not easy to catch up to Alan Miller, Founder and CEO of Blue Marble. If he isn’t running 200 miles per hour at the helm at Blue Marble, you probably might catch a glimpse of him doing exactly that on racetrack somewhere in the world.

Success is simple to him. It’s about setting a goal and achieving it. He states, “there are so many goals I set when I start a company. The first is the exit strategy. I know is sounds crazy, but I treat it like every race I start. Am I looking to win, set the fastest lap, or just finish in the top 3. Is this going to be an IPO, acquisition, of lifestyle business? Without this goal and destination setting, I could never achieve or arrive at my goal. Success is never about money. It is a loss leader and, in the end, not very satisfying.”