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Good Housekeeping
Good HousekeepingBloody Mary
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Here's the answer for anyone who wants a classic cocktail without the fuss of mixing a ton of ingredients. Blue Marble has bloody Marys, greyhounds, and Moscow Mules.
Bloomberg magazine
Bloomberg magazineReady-to-Drink Booze Is Winning the Stay-at-Home Drinking Game
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With the category’s rise in popularity, such premium brands as Cutwater Spirits, Old Hamer, Blue Marble, Hochstaedter, Cocktail Squad and LiveWire are jumping in to make the category a little more sophisticated.
Sante.’s Day Drinks Bring Smiles
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Blue Marble Cocktails arrive in cans which look like small juice cans. I’m normally leery of canned cocktails. But during this COVID-19 era, these small-sized drinks are handy additions to social-distanced events like driveway happy hours. Served chilled with a straw or over ice in a small glass, the seven-ounce cocktails are only 15 percent ABV. The good news is that of the three versions tried—Marble-rita, Bloody Mary, and the crowd favorite, Moscow Mule, are relatively true to type and not too sweet and sour.

Keeping the Blue Marble Blue

Blue Marble is proud to have participated in the event with other like-minded partners and philanthropists by contributing in-kind donation of cocktails to support the Tahoe Fund.

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