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the Pursuit of Cocktails
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This is a damn good Cosmo. If you poured this out of the can, into a fancy glass and served it to a friend, they would have no idea this was a canned cocktail!
CHIC Miami
CHIC MiamiFrom Runway to Everyday Style
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The honorees in attendance included Alan Miller, Danyelle Miller, Elizabeth Barillas Guests enjoyed Blue Marble eco-conscious cocktails available in 9 all-natural flavors.
First for Women
First for WomenIf you like tangy…
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This convenient spin on a margarita is made with tequila, triple sec, real lime juice and a hint of salt. For extra yum, muddle a couple of strawberries, then add ice and pour in the cocktail.
Advanced Mixology
Advanced Mixology24 Best Canned Cocktails To Indulge This Spring
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One of the best canned cocktails by the brand is Marble-Rita, a mixture of ultra-premium tequila, handcrafted triple sec, and natural lime juice. The result? An ultimate revitalizing mix with citrus, lime, and bitter notes.
Style Caster
Style Caster24 Canned Cocktails For when Beer Just Won't Cut It
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There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a mojito filled with the flavors of fresh mint, lime and plenty of rum. This canned mojito cocktail brings the taste of summer to you, and you don’t even have to slice a slice a single lime..
Sante.’s Day Drinks Bring Smiles
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Blue Marble Cocktails arrive in cans which look like small juice cans. I’m normally leery of canned cocktails. But during this COVID-19 era, these small-sized drinks are handy additions to social-distanced events like driveway happy hours. Served chilled with a straw or over ice in a small glass, the seven-ounce cocktails are only 15 percent ABV. The good news is that of the three versions tried—Marble-rita, Bloody Mary, and the crowd favorite, Moscow Mule, are relatively true to type and not too sweet and sour.
Los Angeles Drinks Guide
Los Angeles Drinks Guide Offering nine different crafted drinks at 15% abv.
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Every cocktail is made in-house through Blue Marble's state-of-the-art production facility located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Offering nine different crafted drinks at 15% abv., including classics like the Mojito, Moscow Mule, Greyhound, Bloody Mary and Cosmo, Blue Marble's cocktails are made using ultra-premium distilled spirits and all-natural juices.
Disney Food Blog
Disney Food BlogSeltzers
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Adults can try the Blue Marble Hard Seltzers (Alcoholic) in either Berry or Tropical flavor... The Berry Hard Seltzer was super light, crisp and refreshing! The Tropical Hard Seltzer was equally enjoyable! We know, it looks just like the Berry one, right? But it tastes a little sweeter! We tend to reach for hard seltzers on hot days like today, and this one really hit the spot!
Good Housekeeping
Good HousekeepingBest Canned Cocktails to Sip All Summer Long
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Here's the answer for anyone who wants a classic cocktail without the fuss of mixing a ton of ingredients. Blue Marble has bloody Marys, Greyhounds, and Moscow Mules.
Bloomberg magazine
Bloomberg magazineReady-to-Drink Booze Is Winning the Stay-at-Home Drinking Game
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With the category’s rise in popularity, such premium brands as Cutwater Spirits, Old Hamer, Blue Marble, Hochstaedter, Cocktail Squad and LiveWire are jumping in to make the category a little more sophisticated.

What’s In Your Seltzer?

San Francisco World Spirits Competition placed our vodka-based seltzers in high regard this year as Blue Marble collected medals for Berry Bliss, Citrus Joy, Tropical Retreat and Pure Love.

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By reaching out to the community to raise funds and spread awareness, candidates champion for Best Buddies, our mission, and people with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout.

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