SIP mojito award

Irvine, CA

In 2009 a small group set out to tear down the walls between consumers and the innovative brands that make up the life’s blood of the spirits industry. They saw a marketplace suffocated by antiquated status-quo and insider-dominated accolades. By cutting out the middleman, they sought to bring the spirits to the people. Enter the Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards; the only international spirits competition judged by consumers. One of the product consumers are missing out on is Blue Marble Cocktails. Blue Marble Cocktails walked away with one of SIP Awards coveted medals for their Mojito. Blue Marble’s Mojito is made with ultra-premium rum mixed with all-natural lime juice, and a hint of mint. The judges clearly agreed that this cocktail needs to be tried.

Alan Miller, founder and CEO of Blue Marble stated, “Our Mojito is the impeccable mix ultra-premium rum mixed with all-natural lime juice, and a hint of mint. It is perfect for the beach, by the pool, at a resort, the possibilities are endless. Some of the biggest companies, hotels, and arenas in the world serve our mojito. Myself and the Blue Marble team could not be more proud.”

“We started the SIP Awards because we believe that spirits should be judged by those who enjoy them, and not just by those who have a vested interest or bias in selling them” – SIP Awards Founder & CEO Paul Hashemi.

The SIP Awards 146 judges are selected to ensure demographic diversity and screened for any potential spirit brand affiliation. A proprietary algorithm is used to mitigate any palate inconsistencies. The results for the amazing diversity of entries, ranging anywhere from $2 a bottle to $1,600 a bottle, are judged specifically by industry outsiders and one of those brands was Blue Marble Cocktails.

“It’s a way for brands to test the market without breaking the bank. Accolades like those handed out at the SIP Awards signify to consumers what they are missing out on; The first thing consumers do when the results are announced is look up the winners and search out the products they haven’t tried. It’s really a win-win on both sides”- Industry Insider George Manska, Founder of Neat Glass.

The SIP Awards have uniquely positioned themselves in an exploding spirits industry as the preeminent path for brands to reach their target consumers to get effective brand exposure, along with real, unbiased feedback from those who will be making the ultimate votes with their wallets; the consumers. As the only blind tasting competition of its kind, the SIP Awards offers a fair platform for top brands to showcase their products to their most discerning audience.
For a complete list of the SIP Awards categories, winners, photos, venue partnerships and event info, visit: SIP Awards

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