10 Best Canned Cocktails to Sip in 2022

Popular, top-tasting and even low-carb picks to enjoy during the summer — and beyond.

What's better than a delicious drink after a long day or a refreshing cocktail at a summer barbecue? One that you don't have to make yourself! As specialty spirits (like peanut butter-whiskey) have gotten super popular in recent years, it probably comes as no surprise that pre-made canned cocktails have, too. From classic mimosas and vodka sodas to intricate flavor blends of cucumber and mint or whiskey and honey, there's truly a canned cocktail for everyone today (even beer lovers and wine aficionados).

But with so many convenient adult beverages choose from, what are the best canned cocktails? To figure that out, we researched the best-selling, brand-new and most unique flavors available. Then the editors in the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen sampled more than 150 canned cocktails and narrowed down their favorites to the 10 listed below. None of them contain grain alcohol or artificial sugar. Buy anything off this list and you can be sure your next canned cocktail will taste good without spending a fortune trying everything at the liquor store.

Consider this your pre-made cocktail buying guide. No matter what your alcohol preferences are or what occasion you're celebrating, we've got your next drink covered. The best part is you literally have to lift just one finger to enjoy every option in this roundup — no mixing and shaking and blending of a million ingredients required. Just tuck some of our picks for best canned cocktails into your beach bag, picnic basket or tailgate cooler and thank us later. Cheers!

  Coconut Island

This mix of rum, pineapple juice, lime juice and coconut is fun, sweet and tropical. To kick things up a notch, put it over ice with a splash of mango or pineapple juice — or in a piña colada.

Size: 6.8 ounces | ABV: 15% | Alcohol: Rum

 Vodka Soda

If you're not a vodka fan, you might want to skip on down the list, but we love this one because you can actually taste the alcohol (instead of lots of sugar or other flavors). It also has a really refreshing hint of lime.

Size: 6.8 ounces | ABV: 15% | Alcohol: Vodka



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