Blue Marble Ultra-premium Spiked Seltzers for the Win!

Blue Marble Cocktails make gold-winning, lightly spiked, vodka-based seltzers as seen in this year’s Canned Challenge competition. All Blue Marble’s seltzers are made with vodka and sparkling water with 95 calories and 1 gram carbohydrate. The flavor evoking names Berry Bliss, Citrus Joy, Pure Love, and Tropical Retreat are just part of the endearment of this line of lightly spiked seltzers coming in at 5% abv. In a sea of canned cocktails and malt-based seltzers on the shelf, it could be overwhelming to decide what to buy. Knowing that esteemed judges in the industry believed in Blue Marble, should ease that decision.


The judges consisting of sommeliers, retail buyers, journalists, mixologist and beverage directors conducted the competition in a double-blind process. All judges undergo a calibration course prior to the competition to ensure consistency, fairness in evaluation and scoring of all spirits.

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